What does Mom do all day while you’re at school?

In this adorable and innocent children’s book, William begins wondering what his mother does all day while he’s at school. He comes up with various different activities, wondering if she’s playing video games or going to the zoo. He just assumes that she is having fun without him. However, William soon learns that he doesn’t have to wonder anymore – he just has to ask his mother what she does all day! They talk about it, and William realizes that his mother is not having fun while he’s at school; she’s actually working very hard on cleaning, laundry, and other not-so-fun activities. With this new information, the two are able to bond and understand each other better.

Jacqueline Klouda is a wife and mother of two from Long Island who aspires to write stories that kids can relate to and laugh about. Her work has been featured in Publisher’s Weekly and she has won the Pinnacle Book Award. Her book was selected to the Long Island Authors Group; to which she has also been a member. William’s Wondering Week is her first book.