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Discussion Questions for Children Just Starting School

It’s scary leaving mom or dad for the first time! William wonders what mom does and where she goes all day while he’s hard at work learning and playing at school. Separation anxiety is a common experience for children as they grow up and start attending school and other events without their parents. William’s Wondering Week is a tool of reassurance for children that mom or dad is never far and always open to answering questions. Below are some questions to help foster conversation about some of these themes in the books. This is great for children just starting preschool or kindergarten!

  1. William spends his day at school in class, at the library, gym, and recess. What are you most excited about for starting school?
  2. What do you think Mom/Dad will do all day while you’re at school?
  3. William imagines that his mom visits the zoo while he’s at school. What do you love to do with mom and dad?
  4. What do you think you will learn at school?
  5. William wonders about his mom while he is at school. Who do you wonder about? Grandma or Grandpa? Your aunt, sister, or brother? Your cousin?