William’s Wondering Week

What is William’s mom really doing while he is hard at work at school all day long? William’s imagination has gotten the best of him on this particular week, and he is wondering all sorts of things about his mom. It doesn’t have to be a big mystery! William’s Wondering Week is the perfect book to teach children about the life and responsibilities of stay-at-home parents.

ISBN: 9781684010905

Praise for William’s Wondering Week: 

“Have you ever wondered what your kids are thinking about without asking them? I do, all the time! William’s Wondering Week by Jacqueline Klouda  gives readers an insight about a child’s imagination and the life of a stay-at- home mom. . . This book is about fostering open communication between parents and children . . . a child’s imagination can sure run wild. I really like the vivid illustrations & how we can dive into William’s mind. I also like that William asked his mom about her day; it really shows he wanted to communicate with her & wasn’t afraid to do so. A really fun read & a great book for back-to-school!” -Stylish Modern Motherhood